July 9, 2012 10:51 AM

Selig holds court

Commissioner Bud Selig took on such topics as inter league play, the designated hitter and big market-small market in a question and answer session at FanFest. Most of the questions were submitted to, and Selig took a few from the audience.

No new ground was broken, and Selig avoided controversy. He supported the idea of Home Run Derby captains selecting their lineup, a process that left Kansas City fans unhappy about the exclusion of a Royal for tonght's event.

Other highlights:

*Selig said as recently as the 1990s, he had to beg cities to take the All-Star Game. Now that they've become 5-day festivals with significant economic impact, the list of cities that want to get in line is long.

*Major league baseball games in London? "I would be historical, I don't know if it would be great," he said.

Looking on from the back near the camera stand was political analyst and baseball fan George Will, who has served committees to help improve the game.

Blair Kerkhoff

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