Operation Breakthrough classrooms a MLB Legacy

Basball Commissioner, "Bud" Selig and an entourage of Major League

officials mingled with the children at Kansas City's Operation

Breakthrough Monday morning.

Serenaded with childrening singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game,"

Selig; Royal's owner David Glass, Royals president Dan Glass, and Hall

of Famer George Brett celebrated the reveal of what Operation

Breakthrough said was more than $100,000 worth of renovations.

The construction, paid for by MLB and the Royals, and done by Magical

Builders and J.E. Dunn, turned a giant open area, once an old J.C.

Penny's store, into classrooms for children ages 6 ot 12.

"Our goal is to leave a lasting impression in the host city," Selig

said. Operation Breakthrough is a benefit of the MLB 2012 All-Star

Legacy project. While MLB dignitaries toured the school, children, in

chairs that look like big baseballs, heard Sharon Robinson, daughter

of baseball great Jackie Robinson, read "Testing the Ice," her book

about her dad and courage.