July 8, 2012 8:23 PM

Music and baseball

At tonight's concert, Death Cab For Cutie's Benjamin Gibbard had baseball on his mind as he talked to the crowd leading into the song "Grapevine Fires."

"How's everyone doing this evening," Gibbard asked. "Are you all excited about All-Stars?"

The crowd gave a half-hearted cheer as a blimp floated nearby.

"I'm excited about All-Stars," Gibbard said.

Then he added: "The heat has broken and now it's only 90. You know it's hot when 90 seems cool."

That generated a bit of a cheer.

Earlier in the day, Gibbard tweeted: "Just visited the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in KC. Beautifully curated, a truly amazing place. If you're ever here, go."

| Pete Grathoff

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