July 8, 2012 2:34 PM

1K in freebies for good cause

Charity helps distribute FanFest tickets


Among the interactive exhibits, memorabilia tables and just down from the ice cream in a helmet stand at FanFest sits a quiet booth: Tickets for Kids Charities.

There's no splash or giveaway, never more than one or two people stopping to check out the information. But it's one of the most influential groups in Bartle Hall.

Because of Tickets for Kids Charities, more than 1,000 kids who otherwise wouldn't have made it to the baseball carnival had as much fun there as anybody else. The organization worked with Major League Baseball and Boys and Girls Clubs in Missouri and Kansas to get FanFest tickets, a $30 value, to kids.

Communications director Meryl Hellring, gets fired about talking about the Pittsburgh, Pa.-based group that works directly with the Pirates, Cleveland Indians and other teams and partners like theaters, museums and zoos.

"They don't want empty seats," Hellring. "And kids are given an opportunity to see and experience something new. Maybe somebody is transformed forever."

Tickets for Kids Charities started in 1994 as a private foundation and became a non-profit charity in 2002.

Blair Kerkhoff

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