July 7, 2012 5:11 PM

FanFest homer derby: Saturday's top score

The FanFest home run derby winner stands to win two tickets to the MLB derby Monday.

Whoever blasts the most Homers out of ten swings by Sunday wins. The top score Saturday afternoon stood at five home runs.

"Right now, people are averaging about one," said Stewart Alloway, a FanFest supervisor. "We've had a lot of fours, and one five. The kid who hit five was a beast."

Home-run hitters need to avoid the net overhanging the field.

"I tell them not to aim high, aim low," Alloway said.

Tayler Johann, 14, of Dallas, drilled several balls into the net ceiling and managed one homer while struggling with a wild pitch machine.

"That was cheap," he said. "The pitches were all over the place."

He said he planned to try again.

- Ian Cummings


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