Nelson Thompson | We must finish what King began

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. often spoke of his vision of a “Beloved Community,” where equity, justice and unity prevails. It also is where all persons regardless of their race, nationality or gender are able to realize their full potential.

We choose the theme “Creating a Beloved Community,” because there is an urge need for us all to put aside our racial and political differences and work removing the ravages of racism, classism and sexism.

The logo for our annual celebration includes an image of King that is surrounded by the words “Employed, Inspired, Faithful, Healthy, Enriched, Achieving, Educated, Informed, Together and Fellowship.” We feel these are key ingredients and what must be realized in order to create that community of peace and brotherhood.

However, we must do more than talk about it. And we cannot rely on others to do it for us. We have to create it for ourselves.