It snowed! It glowed! It was a year that now is told!

The year we called Eleven (with apostrophe to boot)

Of days but now a few remain, so watch ’em as they scoot.

For every year has memories, and every year has charms

And every year along the way may raise a few alarms.

So see if you remember (as we pause for just a min’)

These highlights of our year in town that made us groan and grin.

For what we


have this year, let’s give a bit of thanks:

At least in years that number odd, we’re spared election angst —

Those TV spots where mud is thrown and everyone gets soiled

And well before election time your blood is nearly boiled.

We’ll hear a lot of Google in the years to come, no doubt;

In bid to shape the future it was KCK won out.

So many towns had sought the prize, but now they’re left in lurch;

’Cause this time it was Google that conducted quite a search.

Our conference for college sports — it’s Twelve, at least in name

But tally of who’s in, who’s out is scarcely now the same.

Perhaps it was predestined that a rift was sure to breed;

’Cause check a college yearbook…says “most likely to secede.”

Our palace for performance had a gala on the docket

And even rain could not dissuade the folks who came to gawk it.

The Gallery installed a tree (we hope that it will make it)

A tree that’s made of metal so you never have to rake it.

For Monet fans there’s hardly cause for fighting or for quibblings:

Our water lily panel got together with its siblings.

The groundhog and his shadow missed their yearly forecast show

’Cause February Second woke to nearly foot of snow!

And day that came right after that, an icebox plunge did delve:

The temperature at KCI had dropped to minus twelve.

But Mother Nature gave a break — as if we hadn’t asked —

September — then October — and November — how we basked

In skies of blue and perfect clime (the days we like to win)

An autumn of such balmy days, not likely seen again.

A stadium was opened where the soccer team now plays

And quite a year those Sporting guys enjoyed come nowadays.

But football team and baseball team — such losses how they racked!

The Royals were a struggle, and the football coach got sacked.

Of animals, of course there’s news; a wallaby escaped,

As also did a dog that works for local cops — but wait —

The dog turned up (his whereabouts? Forgive me, I’m a joker;

Perhaps he was with other dogs, and all were playing poker!)

The “must-have” gift this season is a calendar, a pleaser —

And every month it’s modeled by the donkey Ebenezer.

The Civil War is history, but passions still inflame

With one side or the other looking still to cast the blame.

But when a century has passed — another half, beside —

You’d think that cooler tempers would by now in hearts reside.

For Twenty-Twelve… apocalypse? Yes, some see omens grim;

But destiny is ours to carve; let optimism brim!

As year draws nigh, it’s time to wrap this romp in rhyme and ditty;



that really counts for people and their city.

This holiday romp in verse was offered up by The Star’s resident versifier, Don Munday, and heartily endorsed by the editorial board.

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