They say they felt pressure from investigators

Some witnesses testified at trial. Some didn’t. But witnesses told The Kansas City Star that, one way or another, federal investigators pressured them to lie. Dave True, the lead federal investigator, and others have denied the allegations.

Becky Edwards, daughter of defendant Darlene Edwards.

Testified she heard the defendants planning a theft at the construction site just before the blasts. Now says she was pressured by Dave True to lie and threatened with drug charges.

Carie Neighbors, former classmate of Bryan Sheppard.

Testified that she overheard two defendants saying they were involved in the crime. Now says Dave True threatened to prosecute her for contempt and take her child away if she did not say what he told her to say.

Alan Bethard, friend of defendants Bryan Sheppard and Richard Brown.

Potential key witness. Says in a prison interview he was enticed, threatened and punished by Dave True and other federal authorities because he refused to corroborate testimony from another witness.

Joe Denyer, friend of defendants Bryan Sheppard and Richard Brown.

Testified he heard one defendant admit she was near the scene of the crime. Now says he lied "at the direction of federal agents," who offered to help him with legal problems while in jail.

Shannon Reimers, sister of defendant Richard Brown.

Testified that she saw defendants Frank Sheppard and Darlene Edwards at home and fully dressed just after the explosion. Now says her testimony was "inaccurate" and that Dave True "intimidated" her. "I told him what he wanted to hear just to get rid of him."

Mike DeMaggio, friend of defendant Richard Brown.

Says ATF "threatened" him because he did not say what they wanted to hear. Criminal history but not currently in jail.

Jerry Rooks, knew defendants Richard Brown and Frank Sheppard.

Testified Richard Brown admitted involvement in the crime. Rooks said then and now he didn’t believe it. But federal agents forced him to say it or he’d serve more time on a probation violation.

Johnny Driver, former cellmate of defendant Bryan Sheppard.

Says True said he would have Driver indicted for the crime if he did not implicate defendant Bryan Sheppard. Lengthy criminal record; currently in prison.

Valerie Rocha, former girlfriend of Bryan Sheppard.

Says Dave True enticed her with money when she was in a rehab program. Also pressured her to "lie" and say she heard some of the defendants admit involvement. She said she refused.

Dixie Cloughley, mother of Valerie Rocha.

Says Dave True pressured her to incriminate the defendants.

Larry Summers, friend of defendant Bryan Sheppard.

Says Dave True pressured him to change his story and say two defendants admitted involvement because "it would help the families of the firefighters." He said he refused.

Jack Clark, brother of defendant Darlene Edwards.

Says he testified inaccurately to the grand jury that defendant Frank Sheppard asked him to steal from the construction site where the firefighters died. Says that he was in trouble at the time and that federal agents pressured him to say it. Currently in prison.

Chuck Jennings, knew defendants Bryan Sheppard and Richard Brown.

Says True told him not to cooperate with defense attorneys or testify on Richard Brown’s behalf or he would face charges for past crimes.

Dave Dawson, knew defendant Richard Brown.

Dawson said True enticed and pressured him to sign a false statement implicating the defendants and to later repeat those claims before a federal grand jury. In fact, Dawson now says, none of the defendants ever admitted to him that they were involved in the crime.

Deborah Foster, former girlfriend of defendant Bryan Sheppard.

Says True tried unsuccessfully to get her to change her story that Bryan Sheppard was in bed all night. Also pressured her to give other incriminating evidence.

These witnesses claimed they were ignored by authorities, who weren’t interested in their information that might have helped the defendants or pressured to stop helping them.

Ella Hutton, potential witness who lived near explosion site.

Told True that defendant Richard Brown was in a different place than prosecution witnesses claimed. Said Dave True suggested she change her story, but she refused.

Patti Smith, former girlfriend of defendant Skip Sheppard.

Testified that Skip Sheppard admitted involvement but had information that defendant Bryan Sheppard was not guilty. Says federal authorities told her they were not interested in innocence claims about Bryan Sheppard.

Buster L. Hower, brother-in-law of defendant Bryan Sheppard.

Says he was pressured and intimidated by federal agents to stop helping Bryan Sheppard with legal fees.