The Star's editorial | Sink your teeth into 2010 memories

See Union Station all bedecked with festive tree

  and wreath

But right outside the station is a T-rex baring teeth.

A symbol of a biting year with much that could confuse,

But still a year that’s not without its quirky share of news.

So much occurred this lively year — my friends, please take your seats —

A chimp went on a rampage, and the rickshaws hit the streets.

Our fancy bridge took shape all year (it’s drivable today);

Its signature a diamond shape (or maybe it’s an “A.”)

Nostalgia, though, was hinted by the span whose term

   is through;

Paseo Bridge retired, so no wonder it was blue.

As Rockfest site, a local park could boast in all its glory;

But afterward just mud remained to tell a sod, sod story.

A kidnap case was all the news, the victim turned up safe;

Why, yes, it was a critter and the zoo its proper place.

A meerkat swiped, a crime that proved a problem to regret:

For meerkat isn’t much a cat, and even less a pet.

A nap is fine, but not at work — a scandal that’s a doozy

For city crews while on the job who seemed a little snoozy.

The Chiefs got off to winning start, in stadium that’s spiffy

More won than lost (a rarity!) and playoff hopes seemed nifty.

We’d thought the loss at Oakland was the worst

   the Fates could toss;

But quarterback’s appendix proved to be

  the biggest loss.

Oh, Number Seven missed a game,

  but quickly on the march,

He led the Chiefs to victory in city

  by the arch.

His colleague Bowe, a noted year,

  collecting all that yardage!

And Shakespeare in the park performed

   to fans of all that Bardage.

King Richard Third was just one name on culture scene presented,

With concerts, plays and shows enough to leave us all contented.

In Crossroads lanes and near downtown? Those Fridays First,

   a gift;

Arena rocked to music of McCartney and of Swift.

The Royals switched out managers; the team is Ned’s

   to shepherd;

So at the K, frustrations which the recent years have peppered.

There’s not much new in won-loss count, the losses

  still were stacking;

The team in dead of winter sent our favorite pitcher packing.

Another team (perhaps with eye on European blizzards)

Has given us a Sporting chance (no longer as the Wizards).

The Nelson showed an artifact from ancient tomb secluded:

A coffin from those days of yore (but mummy not included).

They’ve turned the page for KC schools (or such

  our consolation);

But what a hornet’s nest is stirred by school consolidation!

A wall gave way — a ramp got closed — a recipe for grief —

But scarcely when a month had passed came motorists’ relief!

The road was fixed and opened fast, a record, I suppose

(But why can’t they be just as quick with all our other roads?)

And so much news of other types is surely worth a mention,

But Christmas Day is drawing nigh, which garners

  our attention.

A wish to you we offer for the year that’s coming fast:

A dozen months of happiness, from first one to the last!