English class responds to ‘Raising Our Boys Better’

In response to the “Raising Our Boys Better” series, an honors English class at Bishop Ward High School in Kansas City, Kan., segregated by gender to discuss some of the stories.

“It was interesting,” writes teacher Patrice Ludwig. “The consensus, however, was that they enjoyed their co-ed classes and wouldn’t want to change.”

The students also contributed the following:

From the Bishop Ward girls….

"Why Am I Glad to be a Girl?"

I am glad to be a girl because...

We are clever,

We can handle stressful situations

Even though man can physically handle them,

We mentally have it under control.

We have children.

God knew what He was doing when he made us,

Adam was the rough draft,

Eve was the final copy.

We are what man needs,

We add to man,

We are Woman!

– Stephanie Isom

Guys and girls are different in many ways. Men’s brains are smaller. It’s science. Guys are usually more "macho." Girls are more emotional. We need each other to balance out.

– Sasha Duncan

I think being a girl has its advantages and disadvantages. Girls get away with a lot more than boys do, but in school I think boys and girls are treated equally. Outside of the classroom, girls are treated a little differently because we mature faster than boys.

– Katie Shomin

I am glad that I’m a girl. I think that girls do get many advantages in life, even if we don’t want to admit it to guys. We are given a break if we do something wrong or if we need help with something. Some of that comes from guys’ wanting to help us; I think that guys need to feel needed. ... There are teachers who favor girls and others who favor boys, but mostly it’s outside the classroom where it is most different. Girls tend to mature more quickly than boys; we tend to be more serious whereas boys tend to goof around a lot more.

– Nichole Kempf

...We are protected by the bonds of sisterhood and by the arms of men. Although we may not be emotionally secure, we grab the attention of those around us when we need to. The best part of being a woman is bringing more females into the world to carry on the tradition!

– Jessica Makona

...Boys are expected to be small-minded but amazing athletes...In the end I think that there are just expectations put out there for both genders. We try to live up to those expectations most of the time.

– Elie Esse

Even though times have changed, girls are still not treated the same as boys. We are thought as smaller and weaker most of the time. ...Being a girl does have its perks. For example, at my work, my manager who is young thinks of me as a little sister...I would say the pros and cons are about even.

– Brooke Connor

I would never choose to be a boy. ...There is so much you can do when you are a girl...You can call your best friend the second after you get your first kiss from your new crush or sit in front of the T.V. with a tub of chocolate chunk ice cream after a break-up. You see, if I was a boy I wouldn’t be able to do that.

– Kelsey McCarty

In my opinion, boys have it much easier than girls...women are not given enough credit. ...In our school the football coach is also the dean of students...It seems as if they get away with everything...because they’re big, tough football players.

– Jennifer Martin

Being a boy wouldn’t be a very fun thing for me. One of the pitfalls is that you are more likely to "fall through the cracks" in the school system.

– Emily Turner

…and the Bishop Ward boys:

I do not believe that I could handle being a girl. Girls always seem to have a lot of pressure on them to act responsibly because they apparently mature more quickly than males. ...Another reason I would not like being a girl is the emotional factor. Girls are way too emotional for me...I could not handle the switch from happy to sad in a matter of seconds. ...I love playing football and hitting people, and I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was a female.

– Ian Tomasic

Of course it’s more fun to be a boy than a girl. It’s more fun and laid back. You can wake up and just throw some clothes on and be done with it--no hassle, no fun involved. Boys are allowed to be rude and crude. "It’s their nature," everyone says...Girls complain way too much; boys just deal with it.

– Lant Fogarty

I don’t have a problem being a boy. I don’t believe there are many downsides to being either a boy or a girl. I played a lot of sports growing up, but now girls have the same opportunities.

– Daniel Keller

I try to thank God every day that He decided to make me a guy. For one, I enjoy the beauty of the opposite sex...It’s good to be a guy because I do not have to worry about being expressive with my feelings. I can sit at the back of the classroom without saying a word, and it’s okay...Being a guy is also good because of the better opportunity that we get in America...Lastly, it is good to be a guy because I don’t have to keep up with who’s talking, who’s dating, who’s going out, or who’s boyfriend/girlfriend. Besides, I’ve got enough to worry about with my own life.

– Zach Mark