Questions and answers

DUSTY MARTIN, 7, Overland Park: “Probably a football player, because they’re famous.”

JONATHAN TRUSCHINGER, 9, Overland Park: “I look up to my dad. He explains how to do math if I don’t understand. He’s my role model … and someday I’ll be really good at math.”

CECIL KEYS, 11, Kansas City: “I want to be like Rev. Smith at Peace Baptist Church. It’s a her. I want to live my life as a holy person.”

BECK JOHNSON, 14, Mission Hills: “One person would be my football coach, Mr. Rutherford — Coach Rut. I felt like kind of a geek when I joined up, but he gave me so much confidence.”

TONY DIXON, 16, Kansas City: “I look up to my mom as a very strong person. She raised three kids on her own … But she got herself a good education and a good job.

RONALD HATTLEY, 17, Grandview: “Having my stepfather around helped a lot, giving me a father figure and guidance … I am very proud to point and say that is my father, not my STEP father.”

JASON WENDEL, 18, Kansas City, North: “He’s not a hero, but there’s a local guy named Johnathan Wendel who’s one of the best (video) gamers in the world. No relation.”

Do you have a hero or someone you’d like to be when you grow up?