Proms, graduations prompt DUI checkpoints across metro area

Several law enforcement agencies have announced they will conduct special enforcement efforts targeting drunken drivers beginning this weekend.

With the prom and graduation season approaching, Missouri law enforcement agencies will conduct the sobriety checkpoints and other enforcement efforts beginning today and running through May 13.

Liberty and Raytown police said they will join in the crack down on drunken drivers.

They point out that while it is illegal for someone under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcohol, that age group makes up a significant portion of drunk drivers causing traffic crashes.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol will conduct a sobriety checkpoint late Friday into early Saturday near De Soto.

Drivers suspected of being intoxicated will be given sobriety tests. Those who are confirmed to be impaired will be arrest.

Meanwhile, Olathe police announced they will conduct a saturation patrol and driver’s license check lane on Saturday night.

Officers will set up checkpoints in the city and look for drivers without valid driver’s licenses. Police also will be checking for intoxicated drivers and people violating the state’s law regarding seat belts use.

Those driving without valid driver’s licenses will be charged while those driving drunk will be arrested and charged.

Kansas City police said they will have a sobriety checkpoint sometime between Friday and Sunday at a location known for alcohol-related crashes or arrests.

They will place signs in advance of the checkpoint alerting drivers. Officers will direct motorists to an area where other officers can determine whether a driver should be delayed and asked to submit to sobriety tests.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Highway Patrol said they will conduct sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols in Jackson and Ray counties this month.

Troopers will work with Kansas City police when they have the checkpoint in Jackson County sometime this month. Motorists will be stopped at the checkpoint and the drivers who have been drinking will be tested.

Troopers assigned to the saturation patrols that will take place in Jackson and Ray counties will concentrate their efforts on highways that have a high number of alcohol-related crashes and arrests.