Lenexa police make arrest in computer store burglary case

A suspect has been arrested in the case of a Lenexa computer store burglary after surveillance video prompted numerous calls to the TIPS Hotline.

Lenexa police spokesman Dan Friesen said the information led to the arrest of a man who was booked into the Johnson County jail awaiting the filing of charges.

Police released the video and asked the public for help identifying the suspect who broke into the store in the 11400 block of Strang Line Road about 12:35 a.m. Saturday. Police say he took several laptops and flat-screen televisions.

The footage showed the burglar drive past the store in a dark sport-utility vehicle. The SUV returned about 30 seconds later and came to a stop in front of the store.

The man got out and walked up to the door carrying a pry bar. The burglar peered into the store and then tried to force open the door.

After failed attempts, the man smashed the glass with a bar, reached inside and unlocked the door. During all this, the man’s face was visible.

He pulled the door open and then scurried inside, flipping up the hood of his sweatshirt. The burglar carried out what appeared to be at least two laptop computers.

He ran to his SUV and placed the computers inside. As he returned, he flipped down his hood and entered the store, exposing his face again.

The man then flipped up the hood and grabbed what appeared to be a box for a flat-screen TV. As he left, he paused and grabbed a second box.

He dashed outside and slid both boxes into the back passenger seat. The man then drove away.