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Did you see the video we recently posted on Maker City KC’s Facebook page about Spencer’s blanket? Watch it HERE.

We love stories like this and we love when great KC companies work together to tell a story. The story is about a young 11-year old boy named Spencer who has special needs. He loves sports, games, music, dancing and he’s got a great visual sense.

A while back he created a design for a blanket and a photo of it ended up on Facebook and was eventually seen by KC Maker, Karrie Dean, she runs Happy Habitat. Karrie ended up working on making the blanket with Spencer and his family and now when you buy it the profits are donated to Down Syndrome Society and the Downs Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City. It’s such a great story and it was captured in a video by a great KC video production company, Liquid 9. We talk about the entrepreneurial ecosystem all the time and stories like this where people come together to do good and to tell a story, these are our favorite stories.

Our feature article this week also touches on that powerful ecosystem of collaboration. It’s about TiScrubs, a scrubs company that is putting a new spin on medical clothing. Soon they’re going to do a line of scrubs featuring the artwork of Scribe and the murals he has done for Children’s Mercy. I look forward to that rollout and we’ll have to get some photos to share with you soon. - Chris Haghirian