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9 Questions with a Maker, meet Makaela Meadows of Modestly M Candle Co.

Save the date: The 9th annual Holiday Swing is coming up on November 30 and December 1 at Union Station. This maker will be one of 150 plus makers at the event!

Modestly M Candle Co. is a small batch candle company that stands behind quality products, it was born in Kansas City in 2016. Their production is kept simple and small on purpose to bring only the finest products to life. Their products are made from the heart to ensure they are perfect.

For Makaela Meadows, the company founder, her candle making journey began as a whim to fill a small amount of her free time. She learned that her true passion lies in creating candles for others to enjoy. She decided to try making candles after reading an article online that really piqued her curiosity and she hasn’t looked back since!

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“There is so much that goes into making candles that I never realized. On this journey I have experienced great moments and not so great moments and after a lot of experimentation, testing, and pours, I landed on the perfect combination,” Makaela Meadows.

1. What inspires you and your work?

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere. It’s the simple moments spent with family and friends, the moments walking down the street, etc. It’s the little moments that have led me to big moments! I am inspired daily by the kindness of others, the work they are doing and how they are able to use their platforms to give back to the community. I get the most joy out of giving back to those in my community who could use a little lifting.

2. Are makers doers or dreamers?

Both. Makers create while the dreamer plants the seed and inspires. You can’t have one without the other.

3. What invention / product do you wish you would have created?

Ah, hard one - I wish I would have created the search engine - Google. It’s a verb at my house - Google that..for pretty much every question asked. I love Google and the creativity and exploration they foster - that all started with an algorithm.

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4. What is the worst invention / product still embraced by modern society?

Social Media - while I see both sides - good and bad - I don’t love the negative impact that social media is having on current culture, especially the younger generations who use it daily and are not as equipped to handle the pressure. There isn’t the ability to as easily get away from it all and there is always pressure to respond, replay, like, etc.

5. If you could sit down and have a drink with any person in your industry, who would it be and why?

Mei Xu founder of Chesapeake Bay Candle Company.

6. What do you love most about the Maker Movement happening in Kansas City right now?

I love the solidarity and community that is coming out of the Maker Movement. It’s such an opportunity to connect with others! Love it.


7. Who or what is another maker in Kansas City that you’re impressed and inspired by?

I have many, but Mrs. Paller Decor and Urban Smirk are popping to mind. Both are mothers and makers in the area, working to grow their business - one day at a time all while juggling the chaos of their lives. Their products are amazing and they inspire me daily in more ways than they likely know. They are both nicer than nice can be and so stinking welcoming!

8. What Kansas City creation / icon best reflects our makers’ community?

The West Bottoms/First Fridays! So many makers getting the opportunity to share their goods. Such a cool experience for makers and those who appreciate their work!

9. If you could ask people to do just ONE thing to support the Maker Movement what would you ask or tell them?


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