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9 questions with a maker: Meet the husband-and-wife ceramicists behind Archival Designs

Jake and Julie Bond are a husband-and-wife team behind Archival Designs, a Kansas City company that specializes in custom, handmade tile.

Julie graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in ceramics. At the same time, Jake was earning his art degree from Doane University in Nebraska. They met while working in a tile studio in Omaha. After three years working in the world of custom tile, they ventured out on their own and opened Archival Designs in 2001.

Archival Designs, located at 805 E. 31st St. in midtown Kansas City, has a working clay studio that’s open daily to the public. The Bonds invite anyone to come in, experience their process and see the finished product.

1. What inspires you and your work?

Beauty within function.

2. Are makers doers or dreamers?


3. What invention/product do you wish you would have created?

Square card reader.

4. What is the worst invention/product still embraced by modern society?

No invention is a bad invention if it is still embraced by society.


5. If you could sit down and have a drink with any person in your industry, who would it be and why?

Victor Babu because he recently passed away and was an incredible storyteller.

6. What do you love most about the Maker Movement happening in Kansas City right now?

The level at which the city is embracing local artists.

7. Who or what is another maker in Kansas City that you’re impressed and inspired by?

I love exploring all of the work by other local ceramic artists. It is inspiring to see the vast diversity inside one medium.

8. What Kansas City creation/icon best reflects our makers’ community?

The number of venues and outlets for makers to show/sell their products has greatly increased in the last few years and it has allowed for many success stories among our community.

9. If you could ask people to do just one thing to support the Maker Movement what would you ask or tell them?

Continue to appreciate the work that is passionately handmade.

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