Money Manners

Singles in the spotlight; How are you still single?!

Note: This story originally appeared Thursday,November 24, 2005

Mandy Durhamaka Princess Anna CondaAge: 26Town: Kansas CityJob: Jammer and blocker for the Kansas City Roller WarriorsBest thing about being single: "I don't feel obligated to entertain anyone ... I'm so busy, especially with roller derby. There are quite a few other girls who have boyfriends or husbands complaining, `Roller derby, that's all you do.' "The worst: "I don't know if there is a worst thing. But sometimes it'd be nice to have a dependable Friday night date, you know?"What she's looking for: A creative, well-read, tall, bearded, athletic, lumberjack-type guy who is not overly concerned with fitting into any kind of mold.What friends say: "In 10 years she will probably be touring all over the U.S. with Kansas City roller derby and making documentaries about her life. She's really passionate about her filmmaking and staying creative outside of roller derby ... She's a pretty amazing gal." - Richard RodriguezLast words: "I tend to go for more quiet, introspective, serious types. It's funny because (the Roller Warriors) take on these personas, including myself, when we're out there doing our thing, so a lot of people think we're wild and crazy and loud ... As individuals, a lot of us are a little more quiet."

Neil SnowAge: 28Town: Kansas CityJob: Fullback and captain of the Kansas City Rugby Football ClubBest thing about being single: "Being able to do whatever you want, really. No tie-downs."What he's looking for: Black hair, blue eyes, funny, gotta be able to take a joke. "I'm a sucker for blue eyes."What friends say: "He's got spontaneity coming out of his ears. I think he's got a sense of himself that comes from being a parent ... He's a very balanced person. He knows how to be an adult when he has to be. He's grown up." - Rodney McNeal, teammate and friendMost creative pickup: "I gave her the shirt off my back and ended up freezing my ass off the rest of the night ... She was cold, and I was stupid and gave her my long-sleeved rugby jersey." He didn't have an undershirt on.Did it work? Snow got her number so he could get the shirt back later. He now has the shirt, but nothing else came from it.- Andrea Lorenz/The Star