Money Manners

Get a clue, get a date

This story originally appeared Thursday, November 3, 2005

No. 6: How to tell if someone is interested

Preening behavior. Men smooth their clothes, tug at their socks or ties. Women flip their hair, expose their necks or legs.

Body synchronization. When you like someone, you align body parts: eyes, heart, knees and toes. If your date is pointing at you, your date likes you.

Future talk. When someone hopes to be around for a while, he or she talks about coming concerts, movies or trips to take together. But don't be fooled: Men know this trick and will sometimes talk about the future to make women feel comfortable.

The back pat. If they aren't into someone, women will add a back pat to a hug in place of a kiss or other physical contact. Men are more likely to have physical contact with people they aren't into. For them, the back pat is used in place of emotional closeness. You talk about furthering the relationship and he gives you the back pat - it's time to worry.

Source: Lisa Daily, dating expert and author of Stop Getting Dumped!