Money Manners

Singles in the spotlight

Note: This story originally appeared Thursday, October 27, 2005

How are you still single?!

If Grandma pesters you with this question, just imagine what the grandma of a pro-athlete thinks about her still-single grandson. Or the grandma of a successful radio DJ who meets a jillion new people a week at station events. But, yep, these folks are still single. And proud of it.

Each day of our dating series, we profile a single man and woman who stand out in the community.

Kendrea*Age: 30Town: Kansas CityJob: Kansas City Chiefs cheerleaderBest date: "I went out with this guy and a group of his friends. We just went to different bars in town. ... It was just fun hanging out with people I hadn't met before, and this guy at the time, I really liked him."Worst date: "It was a DJ. I called and requested a song, and he turned out to be this really cool guy. We talked on the phone for a long time, so I agreed to come to his studio and meet him. ... It was uncomfortable for everybody that was there. I was like, why did I do this? He wasn't the person I met on the phone. He acted like he had to prove something to me."What she's looking for: A tall, funny, athletic, attractive, spontaneous guy who will dance with her and knows what he wants and goes after it.What friends say: "Guys see that she's a Chiefs cheerleader, so they have this assumption she's going to be ditsy. Then they see she went to law school, so she'll be intelligent and quiet. Then she starts getting all crazy and goofy. ... I think guys are just like, whoa, I have three different girlfriends at one time." -Tonya WareLast words: "I hate those games where he has to wait three days to call me. If you like me, let me know, so I don't have to sit there and figure it out. ... When I first go out with a guy, if he doesn't already know I'm a cheerleader, I don't let him know until I feel there's a connection. ... Sometimes I feel like, if I like this guy, I'm going to have to be the one to call him. I like guys who take initiative."* The Chiefs don't release the last names of their cheerleaders.

Brad KingAge: 28Town: MerriamJob: Evening DJ at 106.5 FM (WDAF)He's still single because: "That's a question my mom asks me all the time. Right now it's incredibly hard for me to meet people. I work nights ... and it's ironic, but I am rather shy."He's looking for: A tall intelligent blonde with Tina Fey glasses who can make him laugh, likes music and isn't too much of a homebody.What friends say: "He's a smart guy, but he doesn't mind listening to poop jokes. ... He becomes a very loving drinker. If you drink with Brad, he'll love you for the rest of the evening. He loves to hug people." - Horacio RamirezLast words: "In general I seem to have horrible, horrible luck with women. It's almost without fail. Every girlfriend I ever had started out nice and sweet and things were going well, then she either turns out to be a big (tramp), or she turns out to be crazy."- Andrea Lorenz/The Star