Money Manners

Singles in the spotlight

Note: This article originally appeared October 23, 2005

How are you still single?!

If your grandma pesters you with this question, just imagine what the grandma of a pro-athlete thinks about her rich, famous, athletic, still-single grandson. Or the grandma of a successful radio DJ who meets a jillion new people a week at station events. But yep, these folks are still single. And proud of it. Each day of our dating series, we profile a single man and woman who stand out in the community.

Shelli LockhartAge: 35Town: Kansas CityJob: 6 and 10 anchor on Fox 4Best date: "I went on a date to a haunted house once in college, and that was pretty fun."Worst date: "I did an online dating thing when I worked in Boston that was just a disaster. Really boring guy. ... We had nothing in common, and it was like pulling teeth to get conversation. It was a lunch, thank goodness, so I could say I have to go get ready to go to work."What friends say: "She would give everything. She's generous with her heart, with her possessions, with her money, her time, her friendship. ... Any way that she can give to somebody she cares about, she will. ... She's paid her dues both professionally and personally. She's a strong person, and I see her with somebody that can respect her and can treat her how she needs to be treated."- Jenny DicksonLast words: "I'm very anti-pickup lines. ... I've only been here for five weeks. I love Kansas City. I think people here are so warm and genuine. ...You see young women putting up with things from men, and it just makes you cringe. But you learn those things as you get older."

Dan WalshAge: 30Town: Kansas CityJob: Improvisational comedian at Comedy CityHe's still single because: Dan's not sure. "I'm relatively attractive - I'm not a troll. I'm not rich, but I don't have trouble paying my bills."He's looking for: A smart, busy, laidback woman who has her own life and likes to go out but also wants to be in a relationship.What friends say: "Once you're Dan's friend, you're Dan's friend for a long time. ... Onstage, he's very funny. He was the guy who would eat anything. We'd play a game where the audience would take things out of their purses or pockets. And Dan, no matter what it was ... he would eat it. He would eat hand sanitizer. I made him go throw up a great deal of toothpaste once." - Steven Jones, friend and co-workerLast words: "I've learned this from online dating sites: Women always say they want a guy who's driven, successful, funny and smart. But you go to a bar, and you think, that's not what women want at the end of the day."