Money Manners

Singles in the spotlight

Kelly CornellAge: 30Town: Kansas CityJob: French hornist in Kansas City SymphonyBest thing about being single: "I can go by my own schedule and not have to deal with anyone else's stuff."The worst: "You get a little lonely sometimes."What she's looking for: A smart, funny guy, who appreciates the arts, likes outdoors activities and is willing to come see my concerts.What friends say: "Kelly is such a wonderful, reliable friend. I can call on her for anything ...We rock climb together, so I trust her with my life. She's very family- and friend-oriented. She's also very passionate about what she does at the symphony." - Dorris Dai Janssen, friendLast words: "It's tough. You find a lot of nice people here. Sometimes they're just not interested. A lot of people here grew up here and went to school here and they have their own group of friends ... I work weird hours. It makes it hard to meet people."

Corey Aguilar, DJ SkuAge: 26Town: LawrenceJob: DJ/turntablistBest thing about being single: "Not having to worry about the significant other. You're just doing your own thing."The worst: "Being lonely some nights, I guess."What he's looking for: A cool, sexy, slender, beautiful woman who's not jealous, likes hanging out with the guys and has a passion for music.What friends say: "He's a very talented guy, and any genius has his eccentricities ... He's always washing his hands, like all the time ... he also collects, I think it's like anything with a Smurf on it ... In a casual meeting with him, he comes across like the most level-headed charismatic dude. He can be damn weird sometimes." - Lynn Matson, friendLast words: "I don't really do the whole dating thing ... I don't do the dinner and movie thing. I think it's kind of played out ... I'm a sucker for a pretty face. I like the whole hard-to-get-thing, too."-Andrea Lorenz/The Star