Love Story

‘I guess you know God is bringing us together’

Dan and Sally Danley of Raytown met when he held a door open for her one day at their apartment complex.
Dan and Sally Danley of Raytown met when he held a door open for her one day at their apartment complex. The Kansas City Star

Sally Christensen, 69, had decided she would never marry again. Still, when Dan Danley, 55, held open the door for her at their senior apartment complex, she looked up at him and inwardly gasped.

“What a handsome guy,” she thought.

It was the autumn of 2003. A few days later Sally couldn’t get her car to start; her battery had run down. Dan happened by and she asked for his help. He obliged. She invited him to dinner as a thank-you.

First impressions:

Dan: “We had a good and meaningful conversation, which is hard to find.”

Sally: “We shared a mutual faith, and that was important to me. Plus, Dan was interesting to talk with.”

The unfolding: Dan was divorced and had been praying for a wife to work with him in a spiritual ministry.

He and Sally had lived in the apartment complex for three years but had never met. That fall, though, they often encountered each other in the parking lot.

Sally believed “it was a God thing.” She said to Dan: “I guess you know God is bringing us together.”

They began talking every day and developed a deep friendship. By January, Sally was in love and Dan’s feelings were growing stronger.

The proposal and wedding: In April 2004, Dan treated Sally to a lovely dinner on her birthday. The next week, she asked him, “Is there more than friendship here?”

Within days, he asked if she’d marry him.

They were wed on June 5, 2005, in Raytown.

Favorite shared activities and hobbies: They enjoy traveling, dancing and spending time with friends and family. Dan serves as minister for the apartment complex’s Sunday morning Bible study and Sally leads the singing and prayers.

Careers: Sally was an office worker and is now a freelance writer. Dan had a stroke 18 years ago and had to quit his hospital job repairing electronic patient equipment. He now fixes computers, typewriters and TVs.

Family: Sally has three children, 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. She and Dan live in Raytown.

What keeps their relationship strong: They pray together every morning. Both are willing to change, and they are committed to talking through issues and feelings.

The qualities they most appreciate in each other:

Sally: “Dan has a fantastic sense of humor and he’s always willing to help. I feel our relationship is a miracle.”

Dan: “I love Sally’s giving attitude. My prayers were answered when Sally came into my life.”

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