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From Romania came love

Elizabeth Alex met Alex Drescanu when she was in Romania working on a story for KSHB, Channel 41. He served as her translator.
Elizabeth Alex met Alex Drescanu when she was in Romania working on a story for KSHB, Channel 41. He served as her translator. From the couple

In 2002, TV anchor Elizabeth Alex was in Botosani, Romania, with the Medical Missions Foundation, working on a story for KSHB, Channel 41. As she interviewed people, she depended on her local translator, Alex Drescanu.

First impressions:

Elizabeth: “Alex has a great sense of humor and a special gift for making friends.”

Alex: “Elizabeth was well-grounded and so passionate about her work.”

The unfolding: After her second trip to Botosani, Elizabeth and her husband decided to adopt a Romanian orphan. But in late 2003, Elizabeth’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. Tragically, he died six months later.

Though Romania closed down foreign adoptions, Elizabeth remained involved with the orphanage. When she returned in 2004, her friendship with Alex continued. He and his relatives, knowing of her grief, invited her to dinner and offered support.

In 2005, Elizabeth planned to return to Romania but instead had to fly to New Orleans to cover Hurricane Katrina. When Alex realized she wasn’t coming, he felt bereft. He called her and said, “I miss you.”

A year later, she made the Romanian trip. On the last night of her stay, Alex told her, “Elizabeth, I have always loved you, and I am wondering if you might love me, too.”

Elizabeth was surprised but decided she was open to considering a relationship. Alex soon visited Kansas City, and over the next two years their relationship deepened.

In March 2008, Alex proposed, and they were married that June in Kansas City.

Favorite shared activities: They enjoy going to the lake, watching soccer and spending time with friends.

Careers: Alex earned a master’s degree in psychology in Romania and is working on a nursing degree. Elizabeth now works for Unbound, an international humanitarian organization that helps people in extreme poverty. Together, the couple perform the fundraising and administrative duties for a Romanian orphanage.

Family: They live in Kansas City with Elizabeth’s daughter. They also think of the children in the orphanage as part of their family.

What keeps their relationship strong: They do a lot of things together and feel there are no dull moments. They consciously expand their creativity and connection by trying activities the other enjoys.

The qualities they most appreciate in each other:

Elizabeth: “Alex is a loyal friend and partner. He is nurturing, fun-loving, and he lifts my spirits. He has given me a fresh life.”

Alex: “Elizabeth is a great friend. She’s patient and truly supports me in everything I want to do. She has a huge heart and she’s there to help.”

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