Love Story

Love Story: They didn’t know love was in store for them

Kim and John Macy of Mission met when both worked for the Wild Oats grocery chain.
Kim and John Macy of Mission met when both worked for the Wild Oats grocery chain. Special to the Star

Kim Oursler, 31, and John Macy, 34, didn’t hit it off at first.

John figured she was faking it: No one could be as happy as Kim seemed to be.

It was 2005, and John ran the dairy department at one of Kansas City’s Wild Oats grocery stores. He was experiencing a personal funk because his long-term relationship was disintegrating.

Kim, who had a young child and a disintegrating long-term relationship of her own, worked as marketing director for Wild Oats and cheerfully breezed in and out of John’s store every week.

They didn’t really connect until May 2006, when John agreed to volunteer at a Wild Oats community event that Kim had orchestrated. John had a lot of fun, and Kim was impressed with his sense of humor, intelligence and willingness to help.

“My attraction to John snowballed that day,” she says.

The unfolding: “John has a brilliant mind. You guys need to get together,” mutual friends told Kim. Even though she’d sworn she never wanted to be in a committed relationship again, Kim agreed that August to go out with a group of friends and John.

That evening, Kim and John sat down over beers. When John put his hand on her back, Kim thought, “This is my person.”

Later that night, they shared a kiss, and both knew something significant was happening. Two weeks later, John told Kim he loved her. They moved in together in August 2007.

The proposal and wedding: In October 2009, Kim gave John a gift box containing a positive pregnancy test. Delighted, John asked her to marry him and she agreed.

One day a month later, Kim was shivering and John said, “I have something that will warm you up.” He handed her a beautiful wedding ring.

They were married on the spring equinox, March 20, 2010, and welcomed their son in June.

Careers: John is grocery team leader at Whole Foods. Kim is a spiritual counselor in private practice. Their home is in Mission, and their lives center on their two children.

What keeps their relationship strong: They communicate honestly and with love. Their dedication to family and their shared values make them a powerful team. “John surprises me with his listening,” Kim says. “He inspires me to be a better person.”

The qualities they most appreciate in each other:

Kim: “John is so sincere and his heart is so big. He’s a real giver and he completely believes in me, even when I’m struggling.”

John: “Kim and I are deliciously deviant together. We know how to have fun with our differences. I love everything about her.”

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