Stuff I like: Sour beer, public records, Alamo Drafthouse, travel hacking, coloring

Boulevard’s Hibiscus Gose.
Boulevard’s Hibiscus Gose. .

Kelsey Ryan, a data and investigative reporter, is new to Kansas City, but she has already found some stuff to like:

Hibiscus Gose

Sour beer is funky beer. And it’s one of the oldest styles in the world. Sours have little to no hops, and I love how tangy they are — but the taste isn’t for everyone. This particular sour from Boulevard Brewing Co. is milder than some, and it perfectly complements everything from apple chicken brats to Hawaiian pizza. It’s brewed with coriander, sea salt and hibiscus flowers.

Public records

paper file photo
I love a nice stack of documents. Stanislav Popov .

The best part about being a journalist is learning something new and then sharing it with the world. There’s little that gets me more excited than when a giant envelope full of records comes in the mail. Or when I get an email with an attached data file that I can analyze and turn into a database. And when there’s pushback to getting records that rightfully belong to the public? It’s fightin’ time.

Movie parties at Alamo Drafthouse

jurassic park
“Jurassic Park” is even better when it’s a party. Universal Pictures .

Yes, I was a grown woman with a mini-Brachiosaurus figurine in my purse for about a month after watching “Jurassic Park” at an Alamo Drafthouse interactive movie party. My only regret is that I didn’t get a Parasaurolophus. The mini-flashlight and the “dino droppings” scratch-n-sniff added to the ’90s kid nostalgia, making a movie that I’ve seen a hundred times before seem new again. Food and drinks delivered right to your seat are an added bonus.

Travel hacking

apartments 2
The view from an apartment in Riomaggiore, Italy, and an apartment in Paris. Yes, I stayed there. Kelsey Ryan kryan@kcstar.com

What’s better than going to Europe? Going to Europe on $400 round-trip airfare. I’ve been to 16 countries, thanks to travel hacking, or finding the cheapest fares overseas — without cutting quality. The biggest factor? Flexible travel dates. I follow The Flight Deal Facebook page for alerts, check Google Flights to compare dates and carriers, and use a travel reward credit card. Each day of the trip is budgeted on a spreadsheet. I only use well-reviewed Airbnbs, which is how I scored a seaview apartment in Cinque Terre, Italy, last fall and an artsy studio apartment in Paris last month for about $100 a night.

Coloring books

coloring books
Posh Coloring Studio coloring books. Andrews McMeel Universal .

No crayons here. Just high quality colored pencils and gel pens in my Van Gogh-inspired pencil box. Life can be stressful. Sometimes coloring inside the lines makes high-strung people feel a little bit better about the world. And that’s OK.

Kelsey Ryan: 816-234-4852, @kelsey_ryan