Stuff I like: Royals’ Rex Hudler, ‘PBS NewsHour,’ spicy sauce and wine with movies

You can’t help but love Royals television announcer Rex Hudler.
You can’t help but love Royals television announcer Rex Hudler. jsleezer@kcstar.com

Here’s what enterprise reporter Rick Montgomery is into right now:

Rex Hudler

This self-deprecating goofball had me three years back when he said of the moon, “It’s a beautiful planet.” For the 2017 season, Hud is the most reliably entertaining part of a Royals broadcast. And an emerging critic, too: Will our boys ever learn the nice, compact swing?

“PBS NewsHour”


With the sad passing of Gwen Ifill a week after the election, I wondered how this team would continue to cover our hyper-partisan times. Turns out, by remaining calm and asking smart people great questions. Let cable news host the yelling matches. Judy Woodruff, Hari Sreenivasan, Jeffrey Brown and company — it seems like a tiny newsroom — tell the world’s story without a hint of pretense or swagger.

Fire & Spice Sauce


Kansas City’s Original Juan Specialty Foods got this one right. Want herbs with your heat? Smoke with your blaze? A 10-ounce bottle will last until next summer, a few dabs at a time.

Minimalist wallets

Two months ago I was at my desk fishing through a bulging wallet for, I don’t know, internet passwords or something. A colleague stared and muttered: “You’ve got to be kidding.” That billfold was the size of a meatball sandwich.

I’ll plead to being a decade behind fashion trends, but my new wallet is a revelation. Three-quarters of an inch thick, tops. I get by daily with an ATM card, driver’s license, insurance ID, Hen House rewards card and a little cash. Dudes, Google “minimalist wallets” and unclutter yourselves.

TCM Wine Club

It may prove to be a mistake, as my wife and I are only four bottles into a case after joining three months ago. But we love the Turner Classic Movies channel, especially now seeing “The Essentials” host Alec Baldwin spar with a bushy-bearded David Letterman. So we’ve decided to toast this wholly pompous idea of pairing a certain movie with an OK wine.

With Orson Welles’ “The Magnificent Ambersons,” we followed the club’s pick of a 2015 Welles Signature Merlot with its “velvety texture and soft tannins.” Like the film, right? Only if TCM says so. See tcmwineclub.com.

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