Faith Walk: Our spirit’s grand adventure exploring the universe

Faith Walk: Terri Henges
Faith Walk: Terri Henges The Kansas City Star

Early one morning I ambled toward a corner of our backyard to feed the compost bin and was surprised by a shiny, blue star balloon glinting from the overhang of our chaotic honeysuckle vine.

Its movements mimicked a game of hide and seek. Animated by the wind, the balloon was alternately pushed behind the tangle of green then pulled back into the light. Despite a battered and nearly deflated state, it seemed to enjoy the wilds of my yard far away from its safe and familiar celebratory habitat.

The balloon made me think about our human journey, its rapturous highs and savage lows.

I thought about how brave each of us is to face these uncertain times on Earth while being separated from the bosom of our source of unconditional love.

The balloon reflected my desire to understand, “Why am I here?” The pursuit for answers to that question went beyond the standard theology and led me to this revelation: We are here because we want to be.

Although we are spirit, we comprehend everything exists as one. That one thing is God. Each of us is an aspect of that one thing. As spirit, we experience connectedness to all things and share the bliss of unconditional love for, and with, each other.

The funny thing is, eternal bliss is great for a while, but exciting it’s not.

Our spirit desires expansion, challenge through which it can grow. Material reality was created to indulge that desire. Having a body here on Earth is how we explore ways of being that are impossible to explore as spirit. Robert Schwartz in “Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift” describes how our souls chose the human experience each of us is now having.

We are here for what Earth could offer in the way of not just soul growth but excitement.

The difficulties we face on Earth today speed toward us like moguls on a triple black-diamond ski slope. Some of us master Earth’s challenges, while others get beaten up in the effort.

Regardless of risk or outcome, the thrill of the game is the reason we are here. Life is how we evolve, contribute to and expand the expression of creation.

The people we love unconditionally while we are spirit are our 7 billion family members here on Earth, each person uniquely defining what life means one journey at a time.

I don’t know how far the shiny, little star traveled from its origin of happy beginnings, perhaps with the desire to move outside its comfort zone and undertake exploring the vast universe of my neighborhood.

Even if the blue balloon was a little worse for the wear, I knew it had a grand adventure.

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