World Peace Meditation, an interfaith gathering, to be held Dec. 31

Sharing religious observances from various cultures, the Rime Buddhist Center on Wednesday will host the 29th Annual World Peace Meditation.

The interfaith gathering at 700 W. Pennway will include rituals such as Native American smudging, Tibetan Buddhist chanting and meditation, Christian prayer, devotional music, Sufi dancing and the Muslim call to prayer.

The Rev. Wallace Hartsfield II of Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church will be the keynote speaker.

This year the Bodhisattva Award will go to Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte, who has served three years in that post. As the first African-American to serve as chief, Forte has improved how the police department treats the public, said Lama Chuck Stanford. One example cited was the inmate screening by a social worker for everything from substance abuse to mental illness.

Beginning at 6 a.m, the free event is endorsed and co-sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee-Kansas City Program and the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council. The center asks that those attending bring self-opening canned foods for the Feeding the Homeless Outreach.

Darryl Levings,