Faith Walk: My faith is solid, helping me get through life’s troubles

If you don’t like your job, you better have a real nice life. If you don’t like your life, you best have a real nice job. If both are lacking, you better have a real strong faith.

None of us can travel through life unscathed. We will be confronted with many things that are difficult to understand. Often during these times, we find ourselves right where we should be, in that there are lessons we haven’t quite learned yet.

The better we feel about ourselves the more we show it. A strong faith inspires us to be more visible. I used to value myself to the degree I felt valued. When my faith matured I realized that my sense of worth needed to originate within me. I was forever looking for something on the outside to make the inside feel better.

Sadly when I found the external stuff, they didn’t have much of a soul/shelf life and had to be repeated over and over. A strong faith sees to it that our sense of worth allows us to settle into ourselves and just be, as opposed to continually trying to escape. My faith was not going to be determined by someone’s external point of view regarding my internal makeup.

I believe that my faith, in me and my higher power (God), is the highest grade of fuel I can pour into my body and soul, as I navigate through the landscape of life and the mindscape of my thoughts. It’s easy to get up in your head and be logical and rational, but that often cancels out compassion. Faith is compassionate.

Your brain’s song sometimes sounds more like a doctrine, where your heart’s song is often saturated with faith, hope and optimism, which knows no limits. The truth of who we are is much closer to our heart’s song, where the fertile soil of faith graciously waits for experiences to be evaluated and assessed fairly.

Ironically, the more faith you have, the more you’re willing to let go. I found during some of the darkest nights of my soul, faith acted swiftly and courageously with very little evidence.

Life can be quite unpredictable. And what seems like one darn thing after another can be the same darn thing over and over. Faith can help us break fruitless loops of thought and self-destructive behavior.

There is such a thing as post-traumatic growth. What hurts us the most will instruct us the most, if we’re willing to look straight into the eyes of pain, anxiety and doubt. Faith helps us rise above our history.

Faith provides me the proof that I’m much stronger than I thought. When hope, faith and optimism are enmeshed, I say “bring it on.” Distress produces endurance, endurance produces a durable character, and a resilient character yields hope.

Post-traumatic growth helps you recognize the individuals in life that you can truly count on in times of sadness and loss. I noticed that the people who have been there for me at my worst were the ones who were most secure in their faith.

Thomas Scott of Prairie Village is one of The Star’s Faith Walk writers. He can be reached at