Foster family adopts Kia, a puppy trapped in an SUV for weeks

Kia, the miracle puppy who is believed to have survived for weeks in an impounded SUV, has a home and family.

The foster family who was taking care of the puppy since her “miraculous” rescue decided to keep her, said Tori Fugate, manager of marketing and development for the Kansas City Pet Project.

The adoption was made final Wednesday, she said.

“We feel that was the best situation for Kia in that we are maintaining the bond they had formed from the very beginning,” she said. “We feel that was the stability that Kia needed. She was doing so well, we didn’t see why we would take her out of the home.”

Kia, a terrier-schnauzer mix, is with a couple who have a young daughter. Further information about the family is not released as a matter of policy, Fugate said.

Kia was found trapped inside a 1990 Chevrolet Suburban in a city tow lot in early May. The Suburban had been towed there after being abandoned April 8 on a ramp from Interstate 70.

No one, including police, the tow truck driver and tow lot employees, saw the puppy. Kia was discovered and rescued May 6 when a tow company employee marking vehicles for auction saw Kia jump on the dashboard.

She is believed to have spent nearly a third of her life trapped inside the vehicle. It’s unknown how she survived, although it is thought she ate leftover McDonald’s trash and old cigars.

Kia was brought to the city’s animal shelter, which is operated by the Kansas City Pet Project. She weighed 3 pounds and was emaciated and dehydrated.

The animal continues to recuperate. She weighs about 10 pounds and “runs like a deer.” She also is able to leap high.

Kia’s story received national and international attention. People across the United States and from other countries inquired about adopting her. Kia even flew to New York and appeared on Rachael Ray’s TV show.

Requests have calmed down, Fugate said. She suggested that people still looking to adopt a dog could check their local shelters.

“Every day we get dogs like Kia,” Fugate said.

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