Dog that fled from JJ’s blast is found

After 2½ weeks and two giant snowstorms, Perceus the dog is home again.

So many people had been looking for him since he fled into the night after JJ’s restaurant exploded near the Country Club Plaza that his owner, Cisco Sherman, lost count.

Maybe 50 times Sherman had raced out to chase down reports that the yellow lab had been sighted — only to find no dog or the wrong dog.

Perceus had been an office dog, spending his days with staff at the Plaza Physicians Group in the House of Elan building near the site of the explosion. The staff had evacuated just before the blast, but Perceus broke loose from Sherman’s grip.

Many people took up the search — hoping for at least one good ending in what was a tragic explosion that injured 16 people and killed JJ’s server Megan Cramer.

It was about 1 p.m. Saturday that Sherman got one more call. John Verstraete, a doctor in the office, called him and said someone had sent Verstraete a video phone message of a dog that looked like Perceus.

Sherman drove to 36th Street and Olive Street and found a crowd already gathered, summoned by the rapid fire of phone calls, text messages and tweets.

“It was overwhelming,” he said. “Oh, wow, he was actually here.”

The dog came jumping at his owner, famished and weak-looking but looking remarkable for a dog that had been through who knows what.

“We have no idea where he’s been,” Sherman said. “(But) he’s going to be fine.”

A veterinarian said Perceus was healthy enough to go home Saturday night.