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Dennis Patton

Patton is a Johnson County Extension horticulture agent and majored in horticulture at Kansas State University. He calls himself a plant geek and says his own garden is one of dreams and hope. Patton enjoys perennials and says if he had the time, he could envision a large vegetable garden.

Carole Brandt

Brandt has been a Johnson County extension master gardener since 1990 and works on the Extension Master Gardener hotline, which gives her an opportunity to research a great variety of garden questions and learn from all the people who contact her.

Craig Nienaber

Nienaber is a Star Metro editor and author of “Flower Gardening in Kansas City,” a book that profiles more than 20 of the area’s best gardeners. Each year, he tries to make his Shawnee yard a little bit better and keep it from backsliding.