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What can I do about evil rabbits?


The evil rabbits in my yard are worse than ever this year. Is there anything I can do? They’re eating everything. I’ve heard that human hair might work to ward them off. True? Thanks - Sharon


Sharon, you can try the human hair, but I cannot say that it will work. There are repellents on the market, like hot pepper wax, or odorous smelling ones like fox or coyote urine. Somethings work for awhile, but, unfortunately, not forever.

The best way is exclusion, which is not always possible, and often not lovely to look at. Many times, I've found if I can exclude them from young plants until the plants put on more growth, that the bunnies have moved on. This is the link to the KSU bulletin on Cottontails.

Rabbits are very abundant this year, and I can certainly commiserate with you as they chewed my Hairy Heuchera practically to the ground. I am cheering on the owls and foxes. Good luck. Carole-Johnson County Extension Master Gardener