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Bag worms eating my junipers

I've had an ongoing problem with bag worms feasting on my treasured junipers for the last two or three years. I'd had success fighting them off with herbicide sprayed in the early summer (per instructions from ag extension websites) and by pulling the little buggers.

But after being away from home for a month this summer I learned I'd lost the latest battle.

Here's my question: Can I salvage the bush(es). It's a combination of species (some prickly, most not) that stretch about 35 feet in one direction and 20 feet in the other. The bagworms have killed the midsection of the junipers, what I'm estimating to be about 25 percent of the junipers. Can I save the rest by cutting out the dead stuff (which is mostly in the middle, where I couldn't pull enough bag worms while they were small)? - Scott -