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Boulevard's Chocolate Ale is back: Here's how to find it

Boulevard will release Chocolate Ale in Kansas City the week of Feb. 2.
Boulevard will release Chocolate Ale in Kansas City the week of Feb. 2. Boulevard Brewing Co.

Brace yourself, Kansas City.

Boulevard Brewing Co. just announced that its wildly popular Chocolate Ale hits Kansas City bar taps on Monday. Distribution of 750-milliliter bottles of Chocolate Ale begins Tuesday. Keep in mind that some stores won’t get their allotment until later in the week.

Chocolate Ale, a collaboration between Boulevard and Kansas City chocolatier Christopher Elbow, is brewed with cocoa nibs — crushed, roasted beans sourced from the Dominican Republic. The specialty beer sold out almost immediately after it was released in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Want to snag a bottle of Chocolate Ale this year? Here are five tips that might help.

▪ Chat up the employees at your local liquor store before Chocolate Ale’s release to see if they know when their store’s allotment will arrive. And buy something while you’re there — stores like to reward regular customers.

▪ Use Facebook or Twitter to connect with local liquor stores or bars. Social media is a good way to find out who has Chocolate Ale and who’s sold out. Boulevard also has a handy Beer Finder feature on its website that allows you to search for a beer by name.

▪ Follow local beer blogs such as KC Beer Blog (and their comments sections) for Chocolate Ale sightings.

▪ Don’t go to Boulevard Brewing Co. or Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolate looking for Chocolate Ale. You won’t find it there, and the people who work at those places can’t help you find it anywhere else.

▪ Don’t stalk delivery trucks, hoard Chocolate Ale so you can sell it on Craigslist, or get rude with other people who are out there looking for the beer. Did you learn nothing from “Jingle All The Way?”

Read more about Chocolate Ale on Boulevard’s official blog.

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