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‘The Bomb’ pizza ball goes up in flames at the table, and foodies are fired up

A restaurant in South Korea is serving a pizza called “The Bomb” that has foodies grabbing their cell phones.
A restaurant in South Korea is serving a pizza called “The Bomb” that has foodies grabbing their cell phones. Instagram

The waiter sets a giant ball of dough on your table, drizzles it with liquor and sets the dang thing on fire.

The dome of dough erupts into flames.

What do you do?

Whip out your cell phone, of course, which is what foodies are doing at The Place, an Italian restaurant in Seoul, Korea, that has created a fiery new pizza called “The Bomb.”

“Cooking a pizza in a wood-fired oven? So last year,” declares London’s Metro, which has nicknamed the new sensation “pizza fire balls.”


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As the dome of squid-ink-colored dough burns, it melts and heats up the cheese and toppings of the pizza, which sits on a base that’s already been cooked.

After the dome crisps up, the waiter cuts it open with a pair of scissors to show off the pizza tucked inside.

“It’s almost like a flambe, except it’s pizza, so it’s better,” writes Isai Rocha at Food Beast. “I feel like this is the future, just light everything on fire. Burger King needs to get on this and set their burgers on fire, mostly so no one has to eat them.”

South Korean restaurants have spent years trying to outdo one another with wild pizza creations, according to the Huffington Post.

Crusts are filled with egg tart custards and mocha-flavored cream cheese. Strawberry pizzas are served with pickles. Popular “spooning pizzas” are casserole dishes filled with pizza ingredients — cheeses, sauces, meats.

The Bomb, which cooks incredibly fast, is probably a hit because “most Koreans, they are not very patient when it comes to food,” a Korean pizza maker told Roads and Kingdoms food journal last year for a story about the “weird and wonderful world of Korean pizza.”

Hundreds of photos and videos of the Bomb have popped up on social media, but not all have been from fans.

The Daily Mail found several people who thought the Bomb was a bust.

“Introducing a new way of baking a pizza known as “the bomb,” or as I like to call it, ‘cancer pizza,’” snarked one person.

“Finally we can enjoy pizza with the savory pleasure of molten ash!’” said another.