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Go Chicken Go beats Stroud’s to win The Star’s fried chicken tournament

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

After tallying more than 6,600 votes in the fourth and final round of our monthlong fried chicken tournament, we’re ready to crown Kansas City’s king of fried chicken.

In a decisive victory, Go Chicken Go beat Stroud’s with 70 percent of the popular vote.

Go Chicken Go, a locally owned fast-food chain known for fried gizzards and G-Sauce, was founded in 1969 in a gas station at 59 N. Seventh St. in Kansas City, Kan.

Owner Alex Lowe says the secret to Go Chicken Go’s success is fresh, never frozen chicken, affordable prices and dedicated employees. He adds that all five locations have at least one employee who has worked for Go Chicken Go for more than 20 years.

“Not much has changed at Go Chicken Go in 30 years,” Lowe says. “But I think that’s a positive, and it’s part of what our customers come back for.”

Go Chicken Go beat 15 other restaurants to win The Star’s monthlong fried chicken tournament, which racked up more than 20,000 votes.


Lowe said on Monday that it’s an honor to win against Stroud’s, “a Kansas City institution.”

Go Chicken Go used fliers, Twitter and Facebook to tell customers about the tournament. Its loyal fans came out in full force.

“We heard from a lot of our customers that they were voting, and voting often,” Lowe says.

Go Chicken Go regular Bill McBride of Overland Park says consistency keeps him coming back.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday, next week, last month — you’re gonna get the same food,” McBride said on Thursday as he dined on fried gizzards at Go Chicken Go at 1000 S. Harrison St. in Olathe.

McBride adds that when it comes to the chain’s sweet and spicy G-Sauce, more is better: “You gotta get two sauces.”

In addition to the locations at 59 N. Seventh St. in KCK and 1000 S. Harrison St. in Olathe, Go Chicken Go has locations at 5101 Troost in Kansas City and 8017 State Ave. and 4111 Shawnee Drive in KCK.

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