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Links to help get you through your Thanksgiving celebration

Brined turkey recipe by Alex Pope of Local Pig.
Brined turkey recipe by Alex Pope of Local Pig. The Kansas City Star

Thanksgiving is easily the tastiest day on the calendar. All year people fantasize about heaping bowls of mashed potatoes and gravy, glistening turkey skin and a parade of pies. Every family has their tradition and every individual has their favorite dishes.

If you’re the person charged with manning the Thanksgiving ship, you may be hit with a crippling anxiety that will sap even the strongest sweet potato hunger pangs.

How long do I cook the turkey? I only have a single oven in a tiny apartment. What am I supposed to do with these cranberries? How can I conquer the Tupperware mountain of leftovers in my fridge?

Even the most seasoned cooks go through nervous fits trying to wrap their head around the monumental task of tackling the Thanksgiving duties. Luckily for veterans and novices, help is just a click away.

The Star has a tantalizing menu of chefs’ Thanksgiving dishes for you, from turkey to gravy to delicious desserts, there is something to delight any taste bud.

You may have other questions about recipes, planning, shopping or how to satisfy certain dietary issues. There is no shortage of hurdles to hop before finally relishing the onslaught of all that glorious food.

How do you win the gauntlet that is cooking and hosting Thanksgiving?

Like virtually every other topic, the Internet has some ideas. Here is a look at what various food blogs, magazines and newspapers are advising to make your Thanksgiving dinner a day of gravy covered bliss.

The Turkey

Bon Appetit is serving up a classic glazed and lacquered turkey recipe.

Saveur uses the tart flavors of tamarind in a recipe for tamarind glazed turkey.

The Food Lab says smoke is the way to go, with a low-heat and slow-smoked turkey.

Bon Appetit asks celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Daniel Boulud and Danny Bowien their thoughts on the best turkey in this video.

Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods likes the simplicity of a boneless stuffed turkey breast.

Sides, salads and appetizers

Food + Wine spins 21 sweet potato recipe variations.

Epicurious has a host of recipes for a Cajun-themed Thanksgiving.

Bon Appetit has cranberries’ greatest hits.

Yahoo Food has every Thanksgiving potato recipe you need.

The Kitchn says make your stuffing in a slow cooker.

Epicurious thinks they have the Thanksgiving salads your guests will actually eat.

Food + Wine puts their appetizers on toast with Thanksgiving crostinis.

Serious Eats has 14 soups to warm up your Thanksgiving table.

The New York Times thinks make ahead Thanksgiving recipes are the way to go.

Vegetarian, gluten free

Domino makes 12 vegan main dish recipes so everyone has something good to feast on.

Epicurious gives a gluten-free thanksgiving menu.

The Kitchn has tips for hosting vegetarians at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Tasting Table cooks up a mushroom and herb broth perfect for your vegetarian friendly gravies, sauces and soups.

Epicurious lists 11 great vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that are sure to satisfy.


New York Times on pie crust.

Bon Appetit with make ahead Thanksgiving desserts.

WaPoFood with holiday vegan pecan pie.


The New York Times has plans to help you with all those leftovers.

Mashable has a place for that leftover turkey to go, in a taco.

Food Republic thinks turkey cheesesteak is the tastiest leftover recipe.

Planning, advice and etiquette

In this video, the New York Times Florence Fabricant gives advice on Thanksgiving table etiquette.

Epicurious gives advice on how to cook Thanksgiving with just one oven.

Epicurious has a pop quiz from Aunt Delia on Thanksgiving manners.

Bon Appetit’s Adam Rappaport has issued his rules for Thanksgiving.


Eater found 11 quintessential Thanksgiving scenes from films and TV shows.

When you’ve reached the tipping point with your family, sometimes you just have to reach for the unifying powers of … Adele.

Tyler Fox is a personal chef/event caterer who emphasizes a “nose to tail” cooking philosophy as well as vegan and local-farm-to-table foods.