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British Faire in Lenexa offers an abundance of English cheese

An abundance of English cheese will be available Saturday at the British Faire in Lenexa.
An abundance of English cheese will be available Saturday at the British Faire in Lenexa. Special to The Star

Whether you are a British Expat, have Britain in your blood, are a hardcore Anglophile or maybe you just love Downton Abbey, you need to be at the British Faire this Saturday, Nov. 15. This is the 29th year the Daughters of the British Empire have held this homage to all things British.

Why do I care? Well I like cheese and if you like cheese, especially traditional English cheeses, the British Faire is the place to be. I will be there from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. slinging cheese for those who attend.

Try traditional bandaged wrapped Wensleydale that would make Wallace and Gromit beam with pride. This milky, tangy and creamy cheese is great for any cheese board. The first bite you’ll think, “This is a pretty good cheese, nothing to write home about but its good.” Then you’ve eaten a half pound and you start to wonder where your life went wrong. It’s a deceptive cheese.

Take home some Keen’s Farmhouse Cheddar straight from the West Country. There are still a few traditional Cheddar makers in Somerset. The Keen family has been making raw milk farmhouse Cheddar for five generations since 1898. The flavor is very savory and earthy with a tangy sharp bight on the finish.

Savor the King of English cheese with it’s exceptionally balanced flavors. Colston-Basset Stilton has always been one of my all-time favorites. The flavors of earthy mushroom and cream are balanced by a strong punch of blue. The complex flavors come together to create something special. This blue does not rely on salt like many other blues; it is just one component in a well rounded cheese.

The selection will be great and you will not regret it. We will have a few other great British products as well, from candy bars to condiments. Come and get your cheese fix at the Lenexa Community Center this Saturday.

For more information on the Daughters of the British Empire’s British Faire, check out their website here.