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Splash shots of fluid in mid-air gives illusion of zero gravity

Kellogg’s Special K in zero gravity
Kellogg’s Special K in zero gravity Special to The Star

We work on a lot of concept imagery for fun, and for our portfolio.

As part of that we’ve done several splash shots — images of fluid in mid air. This came to the attention of a creative director up in Chicago who was working for Kellogg's Special K. One of the concepts he was working on was the idea of Kellogg’s Special K in zero gravity and he invited us to create a zero gravity image to help him with his concept presentation.

We took the interns and spent a fun day throwing milk and cereal in the air and catching it with a very simple high-speed photography system, and then went through all the options in post to figure out the best images to illustrate that feeling of weightlessness.

Since then we’ve also done images of whiskey and orange juice to create a series. To see our portfolio of other splash shots, press here.

Alistair Tutton is a commercial food photographer in Kansas City. His website can be found at