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Kansas City barbecue dominates list of ‘America’s 35 Best Ribs’

The Daily Meal just released a list of

America’s 35 Best Ribs

— and Kansas City pretty much dominated the Top 10.

Four local barbecue joints are among the food website’s top 10 picks for best ribs:

Jack Stack




Arthur Bryant’s


Oklahoma Joe’s


Jack Stack’s “sweet and smoky” ribs, which require “a little tug to get off the bone” according to The Daily Meal, took the No. 8 spot.

Gates came in at No. 4 for ribs “so good that you should consider eating them sauceless.”

Arthur Bryant’s won second place with ribs doused in “famous orange-red sauce made with double-strength pickling vinegar,” and Oklahoma Joe’s took the No. 1 spot with “postcard picture-perfect” ribs that The Daily Meal claims are “the best you’ll ever have.”

View the full list here.

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