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Kansas City's Indigo Wild launches new line of natural spa products

If you get a dinner invitation from me in the near future, be prepared.

We just might engage in some organic food facials and hair treatments before cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

After all, you want to be fresh-faced and glowing, with well-coiffed hair, for a dinner party, right?

Indigo Wild

is a successful Kansas City-based company that whips up all-natural products in its boho-hip urban location, ships nationwide to stores like Whole Foods and has thousands of devoted online customers.

The company’s robust and ever-evolving line, cleverly named Zum, has gathered a loyal community of fanatics since making a splash in 1996 into the personal body care industry. There’s Zum this and Zum that — from Zum Goat’s Milk Soap to Zum Jolly Glow Votives, Kiss Sticks and Rubs for the holidays.

Indigo Wild has Zum-thing new up its sleeve that is naturally good for you.

An eternal innovator, Indigo Wild owner and soap maiden Emily Voth and her team of creative sprites are expanding the business’s offerings to include Natural Spa at Home products that incorporate foods found in your vegetable crisper, fridge and pantry.

Not produce used to cook, juice or bake, mind you, but stuff to scrub your face with, slather on your body and ruffle through your stressed tresses.

Voth figures that if we’re a society leaning toward more health-conscious eating — putting organically grown, chemically free vegetables and fruits and the like in our bodies — then why not apply the same principles to what we use on our outsides.

Makes Zum sense to me.

Indigo Wild’s newest line, called Zum, Natural Spa at Home, incorporates Zum Rosemary-Mint Walnut Scrub with muddled strawberries and honey; Zum Lavender Rhassoul Clay Mask with fresh avocado; and Zum Stimulating Menthol Scalp Repair Hair Oil with Beer Rinse (Voth prefers the hometown brew,

Boulevard Wheat

—although any beer will do).

I have to admit, I’m a Zum loyalist. Love the smell, look and feel of Indigo Wild’s meticulously tested recipes for products made with carefully curated ingredients like rosehip, 100 percent food-grade olive oil and certified organic grapeseed oil.

Love going into the company’s headquarters at 3125 Wyandotte St. for a literal aromatherapy wake-up call — once my nose gets a whiff of all the delicious scents swirling about the production facility, my senses go on a temporary mini-vacation.

Love the community partnerships Voth authentically cultivates with organizations championing pet rescue and breast cancer.

Love that Indigo Wild’s employees — a decidedly playful bunch — believe in Taco Tuesday, in ordering cocktails before they hear the specials and in garlic breath.

But more than anything, I love that Indigo Wild is in synch with what’s going on in the food world. The fact isn’t lost on a producer of artisan body care products that more and more people purchase organic food from local farmers and producers because of an increased awareness of what goes into their body and how they can positively influence their health.

Let’s face it: if it’s good for our insides, chances are it’s good for our body’s armor, too.

Now about that dinner party I’m planning to kick off with an invigorating strawberry-and-honey amuse bouche.

Following a lovely arugula salad, entrée of pork belly with risotto and acorn squash stuffed with chard and white beans and a cheese course, we’ll move right into dessert.

A brown sugar body scrub with pumpkin puree.

And don’t worry — I’ll make an extra batch in case you want a second helping.

In your face recipe

Indigo Wild’s new Zum Natural Spa at Home line includes a recipe for every product, along with information on why the foods you add to the products help your skin and hair’s health and appearance. For example, the muddled strawberries paired with the Zum Rosemary-Mint Walnut Scrub contain alpha hydroxy acids loaded with vitamin C that help reduce redness and slough off dead skin. Strawberries are both an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The honey from your pantry that you add to this Zum scrub along with the berries is like a miracle-worker for skin: a natural humectant, it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins that help keeps skin smooth and healthy.

Bon appétit for your face!

Zum Rosemary-Mint Walnut with Strawberry Honey Facial Cleansing Scrub 2 tablespoons Zum Rosemary-Mint Walnut Scrub 2 muddled strawberries 1 tablespoon honey

Combine Zum scrub, muddled strawberries and honey in a small bowl until well blended. Wet face with warm water then gently apply scrub in circular motion for 10 seconds on each cheek, and 20 seconds on forehead and chin. Rinse off with warm water and pat skin dry. Use facial scrub immediately after making the recipe. It is the freshest-of-fresh facial scrubs and will spoil if stored for later use.

Kimberly Winter Stern — also known as Kim Dishes — is an award-winning freelance writer and national blogger from Overland Park and co-host with Chef Jasper Mirabile on LIVE! From Jasper’s Kitchen each Saturday on KCMO 710/103.7FM. She is inspired by the passion, creativity and innovation of chefs, restaurateurs and food artisans who make Kansas City a vibrant center of locavore cuisine.