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Found: Cronut-style doughnuts in KCK and Belton


, those doughnut-croissant hybrids that took over New York City (and then the Internet) this summer.

The Cronut craze has inspired at least two local pastry chefs to put croissant-like doughnuts on their menus. (The name “Cronuts” has been trademarked by

Dominique Ansel Bakery

in New York City).

The best-selling dessert at Final Cut Steakhouse, located inside KCK’s Hollywood Casino, is the $7 Croissant Donuts. The jackpot of a dessert, which was featured in my

Ink dining column

this week, is made by chef Nick Estell.

To make the Cronut-like doughnuts at the base, Estell mixes up croissant dough, rolls it into thin layers, and stacks them with butter in between.

Once all the layers are stacked, Estell slices the dough into rings and fries them until they’re golden brown and crispy around the edges. Two scoops of homemade butter pecan ice cream and a creamy, dreamy cinnamon anglaise sauce top off the still-steaming doughnuts.

You can also get Cronut-inspired doughnuts at

Big Daddy’s doughnuts

, 17055 Bel Ray Blvd. in Belton.

Co-owner Sarah Boos tried making doughnuts with croissant dough, but they came out too rigid. So she uses layered doughnut dough to make her “Croi-daddys.”

The process is intensive — Boos says Croi-daddys take a full day to make — but the results are fluffy, moist and about the size of a croquet ball.

Since Big Daddy’s debuted its $3 Croi-daddys a month ago, “it’s been going like gangbusters,” Boos says.

There’s more info about the Cronut-inspired sweets (and a martini that tastes exactly like banana bread) in my

Ink dining column


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