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PopFest’s Washington Cup judging postponed

The final round of judging for the Washington Cup has been postponed after the the cancellation of Paris of the Plains Cocktail Festival’s gala, which was scheduled for Wednesday evening.

“Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we have had to cancel the KCPT Gala for this year,” said PopFest co-founder Doug Frost. “As frustrated as we are with this situation, we are still booked with fantastic events for the rest of the week.”

Ticket sales were lower than expected.

Those include seminars on distilling, beer, coffee, rum, mezcal and American whiskey; a session on opening your own bar at Google Fiber lounge; the one-of-a-kind Midwest Melee bar competition; the Midnight Callers at the Majestic; a tribute to Kansas City jazz at the Kill Devil Club and the PopFest Bartending Competition. For complete details and tickets, go to


For more on the PopFest’s founders, see

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As for the Washington Cup? We’ll keep you posted.

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