Chow Town

The versatile egg can be used even for self-promotional videos

Special to The Star

Here’s a lovely self-promo video we created for fun. The idea was to create a video that we could show to a variety of potential clients to capture their imaginations.

We worked with Casey Dobbins, an excellent local food stylist, to determine a range of egg dishes that would be attractive and fun to make. Then Bill Hess and I worked to figure out great angles to show the process of preparing the dishes and the final food itself.

This is one of our first times making video of food, and we had a blast doing it. We shot the entire video over the course of three days over a couple of months so we could continue to mull over ideas.

Shooting on location at my house gave us an opportunity to give the video a lovely authentic feeling, and I hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes image of Bill with our homemade cucoloris (the milk crate) that helps to diffuse the light and give a little mood to the shot.

After the video was complete, we worked with BicMedia, a local postproduction company, to do the final edit and combine the images and a soundtrack to give it that final polish.

Alistair Tutton is a commercial food photographer in Kansas City. His website can be found at