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National foodie website picks Oklahoma Joe’s ribs as 'America’s Best'

Oklahoma Joe’s

is smoking out its barbecue competition: The local joint’s ribs were just

named America’s Best by The Daily Meal

, a national food website based in New York.

“In a city renowned for its pork ribs, the ones at Oklahoma Joe’s are simply the best,” proclaims The Daily Meal, which gushes about the ribs’ “deeply burnished shade of red” and “picture-postcard-perfect” looks.

“You’ll most likely find yourself snapping a photo of them before you even take that first bite,” The Daily Meal continues. “And once you do, you’ll learn what the fuss has been about. Moist, juicy, smoky, tender — all those adjectives you thought you knew the definition of will only conjure one image in your mind from here on out: Oklahoma Joe’s pork ribs. They’re the best you’ll ever have.”

Oklahoma Joe’s opened inside a gas station in Kansas City, Kan. in 1996. The business has since expanded with locations in Olathe and Leawood.

The list of accolades that Oklahoma Joe’s has racked up in recent years is almost as long as the original location’s line on a Saturday afternoon. In 2009, Anthony Bourdain included Oklahoma Joe’s on his list of “13 Places to Eat Before You Die” for Men’s Health Magazine. Bourdain also featured the restaurant prominently in a Kansas City episode of his Travel Channel show “No Reservations.”

Zagat recently

dubbed the ribs at Oklahoma Joe’s the “must try” dish in Kansas

. And Men’s Health called the barbecue joint

“the manliest restaurant in America.”

More on Oklahoma Joe’s history and fame

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