Chow Town

Frida’s Taqueria has a sweet side

Recently I followed a friend’s advice and tried

Frida’s Taqueria

in Overland Park.

The locally owned burrito joint, which opened last year, has the same fast-casual concept as



Freebirds World Burrito

, but it’s locally owned, and all the ingredients are made from scratch in-house. Frida’s Taqueria also serves more than just tacos and burritos -- think tamales, empanadas and desserts.

I went for lunch and ordered the chili verde burrito with a side of warm tortilla chips and fresh, chunky guacamole. Then I took owner Ivan Marquez’s advice and bought a slice of Tres Leches cake, figuring I would save it for that night’s dessert.

The creamy, dreamy cake is baked in-house, then layered with strawberry filling and a fluffy cloud-like layer of whipped cream on top. It tasted like a moist, more decadent version of strawberry shortcake. And it did not survive the drive home. Ever since, I’ve been looking for an excuse to make Tres Leches cake at home. I already found the



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