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Three more ideas for Father’s Day gifts

Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts
Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts

It’s only a matter of days now, so hopefully you’ve already made your Father’s Day purchases.

If not, here are a few suggestions — gifts I wouldn’t mind having myself and items the dad in your life might also appreciate. This is Kansas City Chow Town, so two of the three recommendations found in this column are about food. What you do with my musings is entirely up to you. What I’d do with these items is gobble them up.

First up, Flavor Trade, a new food incubator on Troost Avenue at 30th Street. Flavor Trade is the brainchild of Shannon Kimball of FireBug Barbecue whose FireBug grillin’ sauce won the “best sauce on the planet” at the American Royal two years ago.

It’s been onward and upward for Kimball and FireBug ever since, including the grand opening of the Flavor Trade incubator and store earlier this month. Flavor Trade offers a variety of local, artisanal products from great local companies, everything from rubs, sauces and dips to gourmet cheesecakes.

I could list a bunch of items for you, but honestly, your best bet is to stop by for yourself, peruse the selection, and have the folks at Flavor Trade put together a gift basket for Dad. You can also give them a call at 816-531-2288.

If you’re a fan of snacking — who isn’t? — you’re gonna love my next suggestion. How about a selection of smoked artisan nuts? That’s what you’ll find inside each bag of Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts.

Savory Addictions is the creation of Sprint executive, Grill Mayor, and fellow Chow Town blogger Craig Jones. To be sure, Jones loves to grill and smoke. The last time I visited his house, he had eight sources of heat and smoke on his back deck. I wouldn’t be surprised if the collection has expanded since then. I mean, the man smokes ice for gosh sakes.

But, I digress. This is about his nuts, not the fact that he might be a little, well, obsessed. Jones describes Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts, which are comprised of cashews, almonds, pecan, Brazil, and macadamias, as “small batch artisan nuts, seasoned and smoked over real wood for sophisticated palates.”

Savory Addiction nuts come in a variety of blends, red and white, sweet, savory, and smoky. Jones is fond of saying the white and red wine nut blends will forever change your opinion about the best combination for wine. I can’t say Jones or his nuts have totally changed my mind on that, but I can say the wine blends are terrific with the right fermented grape beverage.

Check them out for yourself at any number of area retailers. You can find a list on-line at, or you can just order directly from the website.

I’m going to head out of town for my last Father’s Day gift recommendation, and out of my comfort zone too, quite frankly. I freely admit that I am not the most tech-savvy person around. But when I came across the Life Jacket Bluetooth portable speaker by a company called Altec Lansing, I knew I had to have it.

Portable speakers are nothing new, but this one is supercool. It’s light weight and durable and the sound’s great. I love the fact you can take your music on the road or just out to the deck or into the yard. Altec says the Life Jacket “packs an audio punch with aptX CD-quality audio and dual 2.5 Neodymium drivers with passive radiator.”

Don’t ask me what that means, but bring your phone and music list over on Sunday and I’ll hook you up! Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

For some other ideas, see my previous post.

Dave Eckert is the producer and host of “Culinary Travels With Dave Eckert,” which aired on PBS-TV and Wealth TV for 12 seasons.