Chow Town

Natural light is a great way to capture the beauty of food

Special to The Star

As a commercial food photographer based here in Kansas City, I get to work on a ridiculous array of projects — from being on location all over the country to working out of my studio.

I’ll be giving you some blog posts showing how we work to get our beautiful imagery for our clients. This first blog post is a time lapse video showing a shoot we did for Dolce Bakery when they went through their re-branding process and launched a new website with Brent Anderson of Stir and Enjoy.

The video shows how we gathered our props and selected them for the images, how we prepped the food, styled it on set and captured each frame.

My favorite part about this video is how it shows how you can make beautiful images while simply using natural light and shaping the light around beautiful food. I welcome any questions you may have.

Alistair Tutton is a commercial food photographer in Kansas City. His website can be found at