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Upcoming culinary garage sale is home chef’s goldmine

Slow Food board members are distributing discount coupons for the sale.
Slow Food board members are distributing discount coupons for the sale. Special to The Star

Every other year, Slow Food Kansas City holds a Culinary Garage Sale, which raises funds for the organization and other food-oriented local nonprofits and initiatives.

Thousands of kitchen and dining room items are collected, curated, organized and priced before the public arrives. It’s a food-lovers gold mine, where customers can find everything from a 1950s Vitamix blender to a classic meat grinder.

The 2013 sale was the biggest one yet. After two days of preparations, hundreds of carefully categorized cookbooks and food-oriented books lined several walls.

Milk glass vases, tall apothecary jars, multi-colored cocktail shakers and dozens of wine glasses filled one table after another.

Coolers of all shapes and sizes, holiday plates, nested mixing bowls and measuring cups clustered together while slotted spoons, cheese graters and tea balls covered other tables. There were cast iron skillets, cookie sheets, fondue pots and even small grills as well as candlesticks and serving trays available.

Large spatulas and miniature muffin pans were other items. So were hot pads, trivets and massive stock pots. Customers purchased plastic food storage containers, juice pitchers and even microwave bacon pans. Old-fashioned cloth aprons and decorative wreaths hung from posts and entire place settings awaited new homes.

Held at Round Hill Barn in Overland Park, this year’s sale takes place on May 2. This is also a great excuse to “spring clean” your own kitchen and dining room, preparing space for all of the goodies you’ll find at this one-of-a-kind sale.

Members of Slow Food Kansas City will accept donations at Round Hill Barn from 1 to 7 p.m. Thursday or contact John Glenn, for help with donation drop-offs. Plastic bags and boxes for purchases are also appreciated. Donation receipts are available.

During the sale, coffee and pastries, and barbecue prepared by Duane “Mr. Doggity” Daugherty will provide fuel for browsing, at nominal fees.

Customers can also get a great start on their food gardens when they purchase heirloom and rare varieties of starter tomato and pepper plants. Initiated by new Slow Food Board member, John Cobine, the Seeds of Change program provides another great way to support the local nonprofit food community.

Slow Food Kansas City’s Culinary Garage Sale takes place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 2 at Round Hill Barn, 8932 Maple Circle in Overland Park. For the first time, this year, credit cards will be accepted.

Lisa Waterman Gray is a freelance writer based in Overland Park. She specializes in food and travel writing.